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Image and photography authorization term


I authorize SK WEAR LTDA to use my image for the following purposes:

(a) to use and broadcast photographs taken with the image registration for institutional advertising and/or Special Key Wear brand product advertising, without any limitation on the number of insertions and reproductions;

(b) to use and broadcast the above-mentioned photographs on the SK WEAR LTDA website on the Internet, on Intranet and Extranet networks.

(c) to use the photographs in the production of any advertising and promotional materials for the dissemination of SK WEAR LTDA's institutional, product and promotional material, such as advertisements in magazines and newspapers, brochures, posters, advertising films, among others, to be broadcast in Brazil and/or abroad, in any medium, format and media (television, cinema, printed and alternative media, etc.), without limitation on the number of insertions and reproductions;

(d) to use the photographs for the production of institutional advertising materials for SK WEAR LTDA to be broadcast under the same conditions as mentioned above.

(e) to use the photographs in SK WEAR LTDA's own vehicles, such as newspapers, employee training manuals, newsletters, catalogs, and any other materials to be distributed among its employees, suppliers, and franchise companies.

The advertising materials referred to in the previous clause will be produced for use by SK WEAR LTDA and its franchise companies indefinitely from the date of concession.

SK WEAR LTDA is authorized to freely assemble the photographs and advertising materials, make the necessary cuts and fixations, using them, however, always for the commercial and institutional purposes provided for in this agreement, and taking responsibility for the storage and use of the final work produced.

This authorization is granted free of charge, covering the use of the above-mentioned image throughout the national territory and abroad, in all its modalities and forms mentioned above, prominently in the following forms: (I) home page; (II) posters; (III) Social Networks (IV); general dissemination.

As this is the expression of my will, I authorize the above-mentioned use without anything to be claimed in terms of related rights to my image or any other.


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