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After receiving payment confirmation, Special Key Wear will ship your product using the services of Correios (Brazilian Postal Service) or a courier.

We will provide the customer with a tracking code for the merchandise, allowing them to track the status and delivery progress after it has been dispatched by the logistics/transportation company (Correios or courier).

Shipping will be arranged after order approval and will be dispatched within 72 hours/3 business days.

During the purchase process, customers will have access to the shipping fee calculation. To do so, they need to select the desired products, click "buy," enter the delivery ZIP code, and click "calculate."

The delivery time may vary depending on the region and the shipping method chosen by the customer.

It is important for customers to accurately fill in all the necessary information to avoid delivery issues.


We offer two shipping options provided by Correios: PAC and Sedex. If the courier service offers a shorter delivery time compared to the chosen option, the order may be delivered by the courier at no additional cost.

PAC: PAC is a standard delivery service provided by Correios in Brazil. It offers home delivery on business days.

SEDEX: For customers who require expedited delivery, we recommend choosing the Sedex shipping option. This service also provides home delivery on business days, Monday to Friday, in all municipalities of Brazil. Although it usually comes with a higher cost, it offers shorter estimated delivery times.

COURIER: The order may be delivered by a courier, at no additional cost to the customer, to ensure the fastest and most secure arrival of the product, considering the high demand on Correios.


The delivery time is calculated based on business days.

The delivery time starts counting after confirmation of the customer's registration data and payment.

For payments made via bank slip, it may take up to two business days for the bank to notify Special Key Wear due to the bank's compensation period. Please note that the delivery time will be counted from the payment approval time, not the time of purchase.

Delivery is carried out by Correios or a courier.

Delivery can be made to third parties, such as doormen or relatives.

After the issuance of the invoice or value declaration, accompanied by the shipping label, it is not possible to make any changes to the delivery address. If it is necessary to change the delivery address, please contact our Customer Relationship Center immediately.


If there is a delay in relation to the estimated delivery time, please follow the instructions below:

After the product has been shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking code for the shipment. Use the following link to track the delivery: [URL for Correios and courier].

Upon accessing the link, enter the tracking code in the "Tracking Objects" field to check the delivery status and track the progress of the shipment.

Check the information regarding the delivery date, estimated time, and delivery address. The shipment will be made to the data provided during the purchase.

Some common unforeseen circumstances that may cause delivery delays include:

- Absence of recipient: Correios or the courier will make up to three delivery attempts to the provided address. If there is no one available to receive the order, the product will be returned to the Logistics Center, and this information will be recorded in the tracking of the object. For apartments, please check with the doorman if the product has been delivered.

- Refusal of delivery: Ensure that the responsible individuals for receiving the order, such as doormen or employees, have not refused to accept it. It is recommended to inform the doorman about the delivery and authorize them to receive it on your behalf, if necessary.

- Acts of God or force majeure: Verify if adverse weather conditions, accidents, roadblocks, or strikes by Correios/courier workers have occurred in the delivery region, which may have prevented the delivery driver from reaching the destination.

- Areas with restricted home delivery: Correios/courier do not provide home delivery in some cities, rural areas, locations with difficult access, or high-risk areas. In such cases, the objects are forwarded to the nearest unit to the recipient's address, where internal delivery will be carried out. For more information, please consult the link [Correios link].

If the three delivery attempts are unsuccessful, the object will be available for pickup at the nearest post office to the recipient's address for seven consecutive days. After this period, the object will be returned to the sender.

NOTE: It is important to monitor the tracking of the object since, in the event of its return to the sender, a new shipping fee will be charged for re-dispatch.


When making purchases on our store, it is important to be aware that upon receiving the merchandise in your destination country, customs fees and additional taxes may be charged by local customs authorities.

The applicable fees and taxes may vary according to the customs laws and regulations of the destination country, the type and declared value of the purchased product, and other prevailing government policies.

As a seller, we have no control over these fees and taxes, as they are determined by the customs authorities of the destination country. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to be aware of customs regulations and possible additional fees before making a purchase.

We recommend that customers verify the customs information and guidelines of their country, as well as import policies, to better understand the fees and taxes that may apply to their international purchases.

For more accurate information regarding customs fees and taxes in the destination country, we suggest contacting the local customs authorities or consulting the official government websites responsible for regulating foreign trade.

It is important to note that customs fees and taxes are government charges and are not included in the product's price on our store. Therefore, these fees are the sole responsibility of the customer and must be paid in accordance with the laws and regulations of their country.

By making a purchase on our store, the customer agrees to assume responsibility for any customs fees and taxes that may be charged by the customs authorities of the destination country.

We recommend that customers research and properly inform themselves about customs policies and applicable taxes in their country before making an international purchase on our store to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure a smoother shopping experience.

For further information: If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us through our Customer Relationship Center or our institutional email at


CNPJ: 30.095.471/0001-91

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