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How to get the right size for your swimwear:

For greater accuracy, measurements should be taken in centimeters.

(1) Measure a swimsuit that fits you well and multiply that value by two as in the example: 44cm X 2 = 88

(Observe the image carefully, note that the measurement should be taken with the swimsuit open and in the part that is not gathered).

como medir certa.jpg

(2) The result you obtained should be compared with our size chart. Therefore, based on the measurement of a swimwear that you already have, you will have the certainty and security of buying the right size.


(3) Note that in our example the result was 88 cm, so the ideal size for your swim briefs would be a size Large (L).

An important observation is that the measurement must be taken with the swimwear open to know the real width of the piece. Also, be careful not to scrunch the waist of the swimwear. (INDICATED IN THE PHOTO). This is important so that you do not end up buying a swimsuit smaller than the recommended size. Pay attention to the example in the image of the swimsuit above.

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