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Who We Are

Special Key Wear seeks to bring irreverence and boldness to men's beachwear fashion, without losing sobriety, good taste, and style.

Therefore, our collections always seek to combine three important values:

  • Innovative and differentiated concept;

  • Use of premium fabrics and high-quality materials; and

  • Exclusive tailoring, prioritizing comfort and enhancing the perfect fit and design for your body.

In this way, we aim for you to obtain a product of unquestionable quality, providing total satisfaction and adding more style to your look so that a simple trip to the beach or a dive in the pool becomes an unforgettable and incomparable event.

Our Product

Special Key Wear's beach briefs were designed to please the most demanding audience. To achieve this, they are crafted with high quality, exclusive tailoring, and originality in mind.

The entire production process is strongly focused on bringing complete customer satisfaction, from the selection of prints, color combinations, material selection, to the cutting and tailoring of the pieces.

Everything is done based on values such as comfort, design, quality, originality, innovation, and style.

In this way, our briefs, products, and accessories seek to express a vision and concept aligned with what the modern, differentiated, and original man seeks and embodies.

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